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About Us


We offer a wide range of packaging solutions specifically developed for the vegetable oil, vinegar, sauces, dairy products, pharmacy, personal hygiene and cleaning products markets. Our catalogue includes a complete variety of standard models fully compatible with the available packages in the markets thanks to our technical knowledge and our long relationship with the main mould manufacturers.

From our plant in Sopelana (Basque Country in northern Spain) we deliver products to the national market with demanding and important customers like DEOLEO (brands Koipe and Carbonell), Group Ybarra (brands La Masía and Ybarra), Urzante, Borges, Coosur, Bolton Cile (brand Prima), Henry Colomer (brand Revlon), Vinagrerías Riojanas, McBride, JRSabater, Quicesa, Millas, Asturquimia, Faes, etc. Along with the national market, we also supply international markets, principally in The United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Israel and Maghrib, where we reach about 20% of our invoicing while attending as important brands as Cargill, Siof, Teisseire, Covinor, Ducros-McCormick, Italfármaco, etc.

The good evolution of our firm during the last years shows the level of satisfaction we achieve between our customers. Being our goal to continue guaranteeing this satisfaction and to compromise ourselves with the environment we live in, we are totally aware of the necessity of juggling the economic development with the environment protection. That is why we assume the compromise of joining the concern about the environment with the daily management of our organization, improving continually our ecological efficiency for the prevention of contamination.

The maintenance of the continual improvement in environmental issues, beyond the actual environmental law enforcement, is one of our main challenges. Therefore we review every year our objectives, goals, and environmental programs.